Note: Upon approval, registrants are granted a Practice Permit (licence) to legally practice in Alberta, effective from the date the application is approved until the permit year ends on October 31st. Dental hygienists are required to apply for a renewed practice permit through CRDHA’s renewal process prior to October 31st every year, regardless of when an application was approved. For example, a registrant whose application was approved on October 1st would need to apply for renewal prior to October 31st of the same year. Due to this, as well as the high volume of renewal applications to be processed during the College's annual renewal period, any application for registration, reinstatement, or transfer received after September 30th will be processed for the next permit year, beginning November 1st.

The Health Professions Act (HPA) sets out the basic process and requirements for registration, but the detailed requirements that must be met for registration are included in the Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation

Typically, an individual will apply once to become a registered dental hygienist on the CRDHA register. Successful individuals are granted a Practice Permit (licence) to legally practice in Alberta until October 31st. Prior to October 31st they must apply for a renewed practice permit through CRDHA's renewal process, and renew yearly thereafter.

The HPA provides three ways in which an individual may become a registered dental hygienist in Alberta:

  1. By meeting the formal requirements of graduating from the University of Alberta Dental Hygiene Program, or a substantially equivalent dental hygiene program, as specified in CRDHA regulations, and attaining the competencies and examination successes CRDHA requires
  2. By meeting the requirements of another jurisdiction that is recognized by the College as having substantially similar practice and competency requirements
  3. By having individual qualifications and experience deemed substantially equivalent to CRDHA's competencies required for registration. In addition to assessment of prior education and experience, this may involve additional examinations.

Additionally, all applicants must provide a criminal record check and evidence of good character and reputation.