Council serves as the governing body of the CRDHA and fulfills specific roles and responsibilities as set out in the Health Professions Act. 

Council's focus is to set organizational goals and directions for the CRDHA, which are implemented at the direction of the Registrar. Council governs on behalf of its owners and makes decisions in their best interest. Council owners are all Albertans.

Council is comprised of 8 elected CRDHA registrants and 3 public members appointed by government. 

Councillors have no individual authority. Collectively, they are responsible for understanding the values, perspectives, wants and needs of the Alberta public and developing written policies within which CRDHA and Council operates. 


Kathy Sauze

Vice President
Danielle Clark-Perry


Anne Bello, Public Member
Beth Blair
Rocell Gercio-Chad
Denise Kokaram
Louise Mosier, Public Member
Lindsay Ord
Jodi Sperber
Jacqueline VanMalsen
Vacant, Public Member

Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) Director
Alexandra Sheppard