Considering a Career in Dental Hygiene

The Alberta Government Learning Information Services (ALIS) website provides basic profile information about occupations in Alberta, including the dental hygienist profession. Click to view the ALIS dental hygienist occupational profile.

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association also provides dental hygiene career information on their website. Every two years they also conduct and publish a Job Market and Employment Survey. 

The CRDHA does not control employment opportunities. Opportunities and wages may vary within a province, from province to province, and from year to year and with the local and global economic environment. The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)and the Agreement on Internal Trade affect employment opportunities in Canada and Alberta by promoting labour mobility across Canada. The CRDHA participates through regulatory cooperation within Canada. Registered dental hygienists from other provinces, while still required to apply for registration in Alberta, can do so without undergoing significant additional training, examination or assessment.