Registers of the CRDHA

The CRDHA maintains the following registers:

  • General Register
  • Courtesy Register
  • Non-Practicing Register (non-regulated)

Only the General Register and Courtesy Register are regulated under the Health Professions Act. Only persons on those registers are permitted to use the protected titles: Registered Dental Hygienist, Dental Hygienist, RDH, or DH.

Regulated Member Registers

General Register

  • Mandatory for dental hygienists engaged in the practice of dental hygiene in Alberta, including persons volunteering in their profession in Alberta
  • Registrants are issued a Practice Permit which expires on October 31 each year
  • Registrants are eligible to serve on CRDHA Council or regulatory committees

Courtesy Register

  • Mandatory for dental hygienists from outside of Alberta who will be participating in a clinical course or will be teaching, supervising, or providing any professional services in Alberta¬†
  • Courtesy registration is granted only for the time necessary to complete the purpose for which courtesy registration is requested
  • Courtesy registration is for up to 60 days and is not renewable

Non-Regulated Registers

Individuals on the following registers are not regulated by the HPA and as such, are not eligible to use the protected titles of Registered Dental Hygienist, Dental Hygienist, RDH, or DH.

Non-Practicing Register

At the time of annual renewal, persons who are registered on the CRDHA General Register but who will not be engaged in the practice of dental hygiene at any time during the upcoming registration year may switch to the non-practicing register. Non-Practicing registrants:

  • Do not hold a Practice Permit and are not authorized to practice dental hygiene in Alberta
  • Are not authorized to use the protected titles, unless registered in another jurisdiction
  • Must apply and meet the requirements for transfer to the General Register if they want to return to practicing dental hygiene in Alberta.