Exam Information

National Dental Hygiene Certification Exam (NDHCE)

Successful completion of the written examination delivered by the Federation of Dental Hygiene Regulators of Canada (FDHRC) is required by all applicants. Graduates of dental hygiene programs can obtain information regarding the NDHCE by contacting: The Federation of Dental Hygiene Regulators of Canada

Individuals who do not meet the requirements to write the NDHCE, or who fail the exam after three (3) attempts, will not be eligible for registration in Alberta. 

Please visit https://www.fdhrc.ca/pages/ndhce/ for full details of the exam.

Canadian Performance Exam in Dental Hygiene (CPEDH)

An applicant from a dental hygiene program that has been determined to be "not substantially equivalent" to the College's benchmark, the Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Alberta, will be required to successfully complete the Canadian Performance Exam in Dental Hygiene (CPEDH).

The CPEDH is a College-approved practical examination. Its purpose is to ensure that all candidates possess the breadth and depth of clinical skills to safely and effectively enter professional dental hygiene practice in Canada. 

The CPEDH is a two-part performance-based assessment, which examines the candidate's dental hygiene knowledge and/or skills in both simulated-based and authentic clinical settings.

The examination evaluates a broad range of clinical skills and competencies, such as a candidate's ability to demonstrate proficiency in the dental hygiene process of care, including:

  • Infection prevention and control
  • Communication skills
  • Collection, documentation and analysis of data to identify oral health risks and client needs
  • Dental hygiene diagnosis
  • Dental hygiene treatment planning
  • Instrument selection
  • Detection and removal of supra and sub gingival calculus
  • Tissue care
  • Client management

For more information on the CPEDH exam, please visit https://www.fdhrc.ca/pages/cpedh/