Registering in Alberta

The CRDHA, as authorized by the Health Professions Act, is responsible for setting the standards of practice, including entry-to-practice requirements, in order to ensure the safe, ethical and competent practice of dental hygienists in Alberta.

Typically, an individual will complete the application for registration process once. Successful applicants will be placed on CRDHA's General Register and receive a Practice Permit (licence) allowing them to practice the dental hygiene profession until October 31. Prior to October 31, each registrant must complete the renewal process in order to maintain their Practice Permit until the following October 31, and renew annually thereafter.

At minimum, all applicants are required to:

  1. Complete a criminal record check
  2. Provide evidence of good character
  3. Successfully complete the written examination delivered by theĀ National Dental Hygiene Certification Board (NDHCB)
  4. Successfully complete the CRDHA jurisprudence examination
  5. Provide evidence of current CPR certification at the level determined by CRDHA Council
  6. Be sufficiently proficient in the English language
  7. Remit all required application and registration fees

The CRDHA requires all persons on the General register to have professional liability insurance that meets the minimum standard as set out by Council.

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