The Practice of Dental Hygiene

In their practice, registered dental hygienists do one or more of the following:

  • Assess, diagnose, and treat oral health conditions through the provision of therapeutic, educational, and preventive dental hygiene procedures and strategies to promote wellness
  • Provide restricted activities as authorized by the Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation
  • Provide the services described above as clinicians, educators, researchers, administrators, health promoters, and consultants
  • Within their practice, registered dental hygienists are legally, ethically, and professionally accountable for their practice and must recognize their practice limitations

Protected Titles

Under the HPA, only registrants on CRDHA`s general register are issued a practice permit and may use the following titles, abbreviations, and initials:

  • dental hygienist
  • registered dental hygienist
  • D.H. (or DH)
  • R.D.H. (or RDH)

Approach to Practice

Alberta's registered dental hygienists are professionals who always consider the well-being of their clients. Their approach to practice, detailed in the CRDHA Practice Standards documentation includes:

  • A dental hygiene process of care model (p.1, p.12-15)
  • A foundation of evidence-based knowledge and theory (p.6)
  • Collaboration with clients, colleagues, and other health care professionals (p.6)

For questions about professional practice and Practice Standards, contact the College's Compliance Advisors