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Professional Accountability Consultation: Public

This consultation page is intended for members of the public to provide feedback.

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This feedback form will be open until 9 am on Monday, July 4. Feedback will be used to shape and revise the draft Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Privacy and Reporting

All questions below are optional. Any feedback entered in the form will remain anonymous unless you choose to provide identifying information. Responses will be reported to the College using an aggregate form. Any e-mail addresses collected for the purpose of future notifications will be separated from reporting of the consultation feedback.

Feedback may not be considered for review if it:

  • is unrelated to the Standard or Principle under consultation;
  • contains identifying information that may identify a third party;
  • is abusive, obscene, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate.

To help us gauge the breadth of diversity of those responding, the feedback form includes optional demographic questions.

Tips for Providing Feedback

  • Use an up-to-date web browser.
  • Before you begin providing feedback, review the Standard of Practice and take note of any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
  • Be specific and provide as much detail and context to your feedback as possible. There are no word limits on the response boxes. 
  • If you begin the feedback form and are unable to complete it in the same session, your responses will not be saved.
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Professional Accountability Draft Standard of Practice

Click to view the Professional Accountability draft Standard of Practice in PDF form.

Standard Statement

The dental hygienist is aware of, understands, and practices in compliance with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements.

Performance Expectations

The dental hygienist must…

1. Be accountable for their own actions.
2. Practice within their regulated scope of practice and individual competency level.
3. Demonstrate sound professional judgment and integrity.
4. Practice under conditions that do not compromise their own professional judgment or integrity.
5. Not impose conditions on another regulated health professional that compromises the other regulated health professional’s judgment or integrity.
6. Maintain a level of personal and professional conduct that upholds the integrity and dignity of the profession and sustains public confidence.
7. Cooperate and comply with the requests of the College and its Council, officials, and committees to enable the College to fulfill its legislated responsibilities.
8. Be aware of and comply with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements in Alberta (e.g., privacy legislation, health and safety legislation, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics).
9. Take reasonable steps to ensure policies and procedures in the practice setting follow the legislation and regulatory requirements to which dental hygienists are accountable.
10. Maintain registration with the College and hold a valid practice permit when providing dental hygiene services.
11. Perform restricted activities only as authorized by the College.

Client Expectation

The client can expect that the dental hygiene services they receive are provided by a competent dental hygienist who follows all rules and expectations of the profession.

Professional Acccountability Feedback Form

Demographic Questions

Standard of Practice Feedback

Client Expectation: The client can expect that they will be treated respectfully and that their input will be sought, valued, acknowledged, and integrated into all aspects of dental hygiene care.