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Continuity of Care Consultation: Registered Heath Professionals

This consultation page is intended for registered health professionals in a field other than dental hygiene to provide feedback.

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This feedback form will be open until 9 am on Tuesday, August 16. Feedback will be used to shape and revise the draft Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Privacy and Reporting

All questions below are optional. Any feedback entered in the form will remain anonymous unless you choose to provide identifying information. Responses will be reported to the College using an aggregate form. Any e-mail addresses collected for the purpose of future notifications will be separated from reporting of the consultation feedback.

Feedback may not be considered for review if it:

  • is unrelated to the Standard or Principle under consultation;
  • contains identifying information that may identify a third party;
  • is abusive, obscene, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate.

To help us gauge the breadth of diversity of those responding, the feedback form includes optional questions about professional practice context and demographics.

Tips for Providing Feedback

  • Use an up-to-date web browser.
  • Before you begin providing feedback, review the Standard of Practice and take note of any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
  • Be specific and provide as much detail and context to your feedback as possible. There are no word limits on the response boxes. 
  • If you begin the feedback form and are unable to complete it in the same session, your responses will not be saved.
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Continuity of Care Draft Standard of Practice

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Standard Statement

The dental hygienist ensures continuity of care and only discontinues care in a manner that is safe and ethical.

Performance Expectations

The dental hygienist must…

1. Support the client’s right to choose their provider of dental hygiene services by:
  a) Informing the client of the option to receive consistent, ongoing care from a specific dental hygienist;
  b) Recognizing when the client has an expectation of ongoing and consistent care with the dental hygienist and taking reasonable steps to ensure that this is achieved.
2. Ensure the client is aware of the dental hygienist who will be providing care.
3. Take reasonable steps to ensure that the client has an alternate oral health care provider or has been given options to arrange for an alternate oral health care provider in the event that the dental hygienist leaves a practice.
4. Direct a client to contact the College in the event the client is searching for a dental hygienist who was their previous care provider.

The dental hygienist who discontinues care for the client must…

5. Not discontinue care based on:
  a) A prohibited ground of discrimination as per the Alberta Human Rights Act;
  b) The client’s values, life circumstances, or culture;
  c) The client’s failure to keep appointments or pay outstanding fees unless advance notice has been given to the client;
  d) Relocation of their dental hygiene practice.
6. Give reasonable advance notice to the client.
7. Document the reason for discontinuing care in the client’s record.
The dental hygienist who closes or transfers ownership of a dental hygiene practice must…
8. Ensure clients have ongoing access to their health information and are informed of how their health information can be accessed.
9. Provide the College with evidence of compliance with the Standards of Practice including but not limited to:
  a) Reasonable notice provided to clients;
  b) Steps taken to ensure continuity of care;
  c) Location and disposition of client records;
  d) Manner in which clients may access their records;
  e) Any other matter relevant to the closure as may be requested by the College.

Client Expectation

The client can expect that the dental hygienist supports the client’s choice of dental hygiene care provider. In the event that the dental hygienist discontinues care, the client will be given options for other oral health care providers to continue the client’s care.


Dental Hygiene Services: Dental hygiene services include the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of oral health conditions through therapeutic, educational, and preventive dental hygiene procedures and strategies that promote wellness. These procedures and strategies include restricted activities authorized by the Alberta Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation. Dental hygiene services are provided to individual clients by dental hygienists in their roles as clinicians, educators, researchers, administrators, health promoters, and consultants.

Care plan: “Statement of goals, evidence-based interventions, and appointment schedule supporting the diagnosis” (Bowen & Pieren, 2020, p. 363).

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