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Communication Consultation

This consultation page is intended for registered dental hygienists and current dental hygiene students to provide feedback.

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This feedback form will be open until 9 am on Monday, July 4. Feedback will be used to shape and revise the draft Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Privacy and Reporting

All questions below are optional. Any feedback entered in the form will remain anonymous unless you choose to provide identifying information. Responses will be reported to the College using an aggregate form. Any e-mail addresses collected for the purpose of future notifications will be separated from reporting of the consultation feedback.

Feedback may not be considered for review if it:

  • is unrelated to the Standard or Principle under consultation;
  • contains identifying information that may identify a third party;
  • is abusive, obscene, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate.

To help us gauge the breadth of diversity of registered dental hygienists and students responding, the feedback form includes optional questions about professional practice context and demographics.

Tips for Providing Feedback

  • Use an up-to-date web browser.
  • Before you begin providing feedback, review the Standard of Practice and take note of any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
  • Be specific and provide as much detail and context to your feedback as possible. There are no word limits on the response boxes. 
  • If you begin the feedback form and are unable to complete it in the same session, your responses will not be saved.
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Communication Draft Standard of Practice

Click to view the Communication draft Standard of Practice in PDF form.

Standard Statement

The dental hygienist communicates professionally, respectfully, effectively, and in a timely manner.
Performance Expectations
The dental hygienist must…

1. Use respectful, open, clear, and factual communication in all professional interactions (e.g., spoken, written, social media).
2. Communicate effectively with the client to promote the client’s health literacy and understanding of proposed services (e.g., active listening, empathy, use of plain language, encouraging questions).
3. Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of communication approaches.
4. Adapt communication to the needs of the client and minimize barriers by incorporating relevant supports (e.g., interpreters, visual aids, technology, appropriate language, culturally appropriate resources).
5. Ensure comments made (including online and on social media) about the profession of dental hygiene, individuals within the profession, other health professionals, colleagues, clients, and the College are factual and professional.
6. Address the client’s questions in a timely manner and within the scope of dental hygiene practice.
7. Document clearly, accurately, professionally, and in a timely manner in all forms of written communication.

Client Expectation

The client can expect the dental hygienist to communicate with them clearly, professionally, and effectively in a way that supports their understanding and participation.


Health Literacy:
The ability of a patient to obtain, process, understand and respond to health messages, and be motivated to make health
decisions that promote and maintain good health. (Wilkins’ Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, 13th Ed)

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