Standards of Practice Consultation

Alberta’s Health Professions Act (‘the Act’) requires that all regulated professions establish, maintain and enforce standards of practice. Such standards promote safe, competent, and ethical practice. Standards of Practice form part of the legal framework for professional practice and are binding on all registrants.

It is the responsibility of all registered dental hygienists to comply with the Standards of Practice as approved by Council and apply them to their dental hygiene practice, regardless of practice setting or area of responsibility. Registered dental hygienists should strive to routinely practice above the minimal standards. Performance below the minimal standard is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action.

The most recent set of revisions to the Standards of Practice were approved in March 2019. In the 2022, the College will be revising and developing new Standards of Practice with consultation from registered dental hygienists and the public.

Per College Bylaws, Council may adopt and amend a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice after the completion of consultations required by the Act and such other consultation deemed advisable by Council.

As a result of the changes to the Act due to Bill 46, certain sections of the Regulations are moving into the Standards of Practice. The revised Standards of Practice are intended to align more closely with the College’s mandate, vision, values & strategic plan and be transparent, consistent and fair.

The consultation process will ensure that the updated Standards of Practice are more user-friendly, simple, clear, and easily understood by both registrants and the public. These changes will better support registrants in providing safe quality oral healthcare and ensure that the public is aware of the standards of the profession.

Registrants and members of the public interested in providing feedback on the updated Standards of Practice will be able to do so via an online feedback form. The consultation process will be staggered, with feedback forms open for several Standards at a time. More information about the consultation process will be provided in spring 2022.

The College expects that the consultation process will begin in summer 2022. More information will be provided to registrants and the public in spring 2022.

For questions about Standards of Practice or the upcoming the consultation process, contact a Compliance Advisor.