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U of A Offering Dental Hygiene Refresher Course

The University of Alberta School of Dentistry Continuing Dental Education department is inviting all interested non-practicing dental hygienists to register for the Dental Hygiene Refresher course, starting February 10, 2023.

With a combination of online and practical education, the Dental Hygiene Refresher course is recommended for those wishing to resume activity in the profession and transfer back to the General Register within the next twelve (12) months.

U of A offers both a five (5) day and ten (10) day refresher course. The courses include a three (3) month online, pre-study component and a five (5) or ten (10) day on-site clinical component.

Topics include:

  • The Dental Hygiene Process of Care;
  • Radiology theory, technique and interpretation;
  • Instrument maintenance and reprocessing;
  • Sealants, dental hygiene instrumentation and periodontal debridement, and clinical care on clients in the Oral Health Clinic at the University of Alberta.

The CRDHA recommends the five (5) day course for dental hygienists wishing to return to practice after 3 to 5 years of inactivity, and the ten (10) day course for those wishing to return to practice after 5 years.

To register click here: Dental Hygiene Refresher 2023

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