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U of A Inviting Dental Hygienists to Register in Elements of Prescribing Online Course

The University of Alberta School of Dentistry Continuing Dental Education department is inviting all interested dental hygienists to register for the Elements of Prescribing - A Pharmacy Course for Dental Hygienists, a six (6) month, online course starting January 12, 2023.

Using drug therapy, or more specifically issuing prescriptions, requires an understanding of the processes that contribute to drug use (such as pharmacology and human physiology) as well as acquisition of the essential competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes, and judgments) that are required for safe and effective prescribing.

This course is designed to help you, the dental hygienist, ensure that you have acquired the necessary skill sets prior to receiving authorization from the College to prescribe Schedule 1 drugs as listed in the Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation.

Topics of learning include:

  • Professional Accountability, Collaboration, and Communication.
  • Decision Making Related to Medication Use.
  • Principles of Pharmacology.
  • Drugs Used in Dental Hygiene.
  • Risk Management, Drug Errors, and Medical Emergencies.
  • Issuing a Prescription.
  • Storage, Disposal, and Labelling of Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs.


For more information on the course and to register click here: marketplace.ualberta


Reminder: The ability to prescribe Schedule 1 drugs as listed in the Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation is regulated by the College. You must apply for Advanced Restricted Activity Authorization to be authorized to use the knowledge and skills acquired through the successful completion of the above course. Registrants seeking ARA Authorization must fill out the ARA Authorization Form and submit the form to within six months of completing the coursePer the ARA Policy, a registrant must not perform the Advanced Restricted Activity until they have been notified in writing that their application has been approved by the College. 

The College encourages interested registrants to take this course. Upon successful completion, you may submit for Continuing Competence credits. Please also note that entering your ARA courses in the Continuing Competence section of the Portal is not a substitution for completing an ARA application.


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