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COVID-19 Vaccine Video Series

19 To Zero is a dedicated coalition of academics, public health experts, behavioural economists, and creative professionals working to understand, engage with, and ultimately shift public perceptions around COVID-19 behaviours and vaccination.

As part of their efforts, 19 To Zero created a four-part video series about COVID-19, vaccines, and pregnancy by OGBYN Dr. Fiona Mattatall and Epidemiologist Stephanie Elliott. The topics of the video series are:

  • COVID-19 Vaccines, Fertility and Menstruation
  • COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy
  • COVID-19 Vaccines During Postpartum and Breastfeeding
  • COVID-19 Vaccines During Pregnancy and Lactation: A Primer for Healthcare Providers

The videos, available to the public, provide information about the COVID-19 vaccine from qualified healthcare professionals. Watch the video series.

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