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Places Registered Dental Hygienists Work

Practice environments for registered dental hygienists continue to emerge. Legislative changes and health care reform initiatives that facilitate the public's access to dental hygiene services continue to affect the registered dental hygienists' work environment.

Practice environments include, but are not limited to:

  • cinical practice (e.g., dental hygienist and/or dentist owned)
  • institutions (e.g., correctional facilities)
  • public health and community health
  • homecare and other outreach programs
  • primary health care centres
  • hospital facilities
  • educational institutions (e.g., universities, community colleges)
  • military
  • research
  • industries (e.g., insurance and dental supply companies)
  • consulting firms
  • professional presenter
  • regulatory bodies and professional associations
  • government (e.g., policy planning)
  • forensic laboratories